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Despite their tender ages, Hannah and Sarah are the proud owners of a staggering collection of hair accessories. The polychromatic pile was threatening to take over their bathroom counter and it never looked organized (mostly because it wasn’t) so I was thrilled to find a tutorial on Joy’s Hope (great site for crafty inspiration, by the way) for making a hair bow holder.
My mind immediately leaped to this painting I made about four years ago. I bet you can’t imagine why I had it under my bed rather than displayed for all to see. It’s one of those things where if I were six years old you’d say, “Wow!” but since I was, at the time I created this masterpiece, twenty-six you’d say, “Hrm…” Anyway, it was the perfect size for my project so it went under the gun.

Or at least it was supposed to go under the gun, the staple gun that is, until the staple gun jammed after one measly staple. That always happens to me. Grr. Not to be dissuaded, I just pinned the whole thing together and finished it up with oh-so-permanent masking tape. I am nothing if not resourceful. And I’m certainly not afraid to do things halfway.
I used some fabric that I think my mom bought in the ’70s when she was decorating our nursery in Beatrix Potter. Since I decorated my kids’ nursery in Beatrix Potter too, this was perfect. I only had to make one cut in the fabric, Mom, so if we need to use it for something else later we totally still can. I put on six ribbon strips to hold the hairclips.
And voila! A cute and decorative place to store and display the plethora of hair bows and clips! This project was so easy, and I’m really pleased with the results.

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