Muffins and Milestones

I’m just under the wire for Michelle’s three things day. We’ve had a busy week, but I’ll try to narrow it down to the interesting parts.

1. I improvised instead of throwing out a gnarly half-made smoothie.
My blender elected to overheat in the middle of blending kale, blueberries, frozen bananas, and milk. Hannah observed that the blender was being disobedient. Ha ha. I love a kale salad, and I don’t mind kale in smoothies, but since the blender was being ornery what we had today was like cold, gloppy, milky salad. Blech. Jack ate his serving with joyful abandon but Hannah and I had a more difficult time. I almost threw the rest down the drain but I hated to waste such a huge amount of nutritious food, so I decided to make muffins. I just made the basic muffin recipe from Joy of Cooking and used the smoothie instead of milk, figuring the kale and blueberries and bananas were sort of like adding things to the basic recipe. Anyway, it worked out and the muffins taste wonderful! They will make healthy snacks and breakfasts for the next day or two.

2. I have now completed Day Four of potty training Jack.
I’ve been thinking I should start potty training Jack, and so when I realized the other day that we only had three diapers left in his size I decided to give it a whirl. He’s done well, although I think it’s a bit different training a boy than a girl. The first day he had six accidents, but today he only had two so that’s progress. He LOVES that he gets to wear big boy pants now, and goes around proudly saying, “Mah PAHNTS!” It’s totally adorable. I’ve been putting him in a cloth diaper for nap time, and he actually even kept that dry! We’ll still plan to have him in diapers when we’re out and about this summer, but it’s nice to have the option of doing the potty thing at home.

3. Sarah is five months old now.
Sarah turned five months old yesterday, and she is still as sweet as can be. She’s a very obliging baby and loves to smile and giggle and babble to us all day.
She’s working on sitting up, but so far she can only stay upright for about 30 seconds before she does a face plant into her feet. She’s pretty good at reaching for things from her tummy, sort of using a lunge and roll action. Her favorite thing to play with is her feet. She loves her feet. I can’t blame her, baby feet are so precious.

To read more or participate in Three Things Thursday be sure to check out Michelle’s blog, Psalm 104:24. It’s kind of late for this week I guess, but you have a head start for next time!

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