Leaves That Are Green

Recently my Pandora station has been playing a great Simon and Garfunkel song:

I was 21 years when I wrote this song,
I’m 22 now, but I won’t be for long.
Time hurries on.
And the leaves that are green turn to brown…

I’ve been thinking a lot about how easy it is to get caught up in looking forward to things at the expense of enjoying the present. In high school, you can’t wait to get to college, then you can’t wait to get married, then to have kids, then to finally get to sleep through the night…

The past several months have been challenging for me. I have three kids who are all small and needy. Often I feel completely overwhelmed and inadequate, and I look forward to when the children are more self-sufficient.

More and more though, I feel convicted of my need to let go of my expectations and simply enjoy where I am. Sarah will not always need to wake up to nurse at night, so I savor the quiet night time to cuddle her. Jack is in a darling phase of lisping his words – he won’t always call his sandals “nandos” and he won’t always want me to give him “mo kissahs” (more kisses). Hannah won’t always need me to read out loud to her and might not always clamor to help me cook and clean. The truth is this time of life, while hectic and demanding, is sweet.

I don’t want to be the kind of mother who clings too hard to her children trying to prevent them from growing up, but I also don’t want to rush things. Time hurries on quickly enough.

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