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When I first checked out Right Choices by Kenneth Taylor, looking for something to augment the morning Bible time I do with the children, I thought it was a little hokey and contrived. Each lesson is a short story of a child making a choice, then a few questions, a Bible verse, and a prayer. I would probably have dropped the book, but Hannah and Jack really liked it and kept asking for it, so I persevered and I’m glad now that I did.

I underestimated how helpful it would be to have a question asking framework in their heads. Each lesson asks the question, “was it right or wrong to…” about the story, and I got in the habit of also asking questions like, “What does God’s Word say about…?” and “What should the little boy/girl have done instead?” Recently I noticed that Hannah will stop herself in the middle of relating an anecdote or telling me a story and ask me, “Was it RIGHT or WRONG to do that?” It has given me a great springboard to teach her how to think through everyday decisions.

For example, last week Hannah told me about something she had done wrong, but when she told me she didn’t know she had done a bad thing. Using the question framework Hannah is already familiar with, we had a good conversation about the behavior so that she could really understand why she should not act that way in the future.

Since the questions have been helpful for the kids, we’re going to reread Right Choices, and we’re also just starting Leading Little Ones to God: A Child’s Book of Bible Teachings. If anyone has any other suggestions for good Bible time resources for preschoolers, I’d love to hear them!

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