The Friday Seven

1. Sleep is for the weak.
I once had a coffee mug with that slogan on it. It came from a coffee shop I used to go to in college. I’m not sure where the mug is now – I probably broke it in a sleep deprived haze. I don’t really believe sleep is for the weak, I just tell myself that when I am up all night with insomnia.

2. They say sleep before midnight counts double.
I really hope that is true. Last night I went to bed early and was asleep by 9:30. Then I woke up at 12:30 when Sarah cried. After feeding and changing her, taking Hannah to the bathroom, and changing Jack, I crawled back into bed and was never able to go back to sleep. It’s now 4:30am and I have given up. However, if the double before midnight theory holds, that means my three hours of sleep counts as five and a half hours, and that’s more than I get most nights anyway, so I should be fine. Why do I feel like it’s not going to work out that way?

3. Kentucky Grilled Chicken is not very tasty.
We got four free Kentucky Grilled Chicken dinners from KFC using the coupons from the Oprah site I found via Money Saving Mom. It was nice not to have to cook dinner that night, but I thought the food was kind of ick and I’m glad I didn’t pay for it. I don’t like KFC in general because I don’t care for fried chicken, but the grilled stuff was not good either. Also the KFC we went to had a grease fire in the back so the whole place smelled gross and seemed to have a greasy film all over it, including the floor, which was slippery.

4. Hannah doesn’t have swine flu.
As we are now entering our FOURTH consecutive week of illness in our house, I took Hannah to the pediatrician this week to get checked out. She had a cold that turned into a cough she couldn’t shake with an intermittent fever. Turns out she had a bad ear infection in one ear and a mild infection in the other ear. Just to cover all the bases, the doctor also wanted to have her checked for swine flu so we were sent off to a small hospital. I wish we would have asked to be sent to the bigger hospital that is closer to our house, but I guess the pediatrician is on the network that goes with the smaller hospital. Anyway, when we got there and the hospital saw the order for a swine flu test the place went into lockdown mode. They put a huge mask that was more like a helmet on Hannah and she flipped out. She thought they didn’t want her to breathe, she couldn’t see, she thought she was going to have a shot, and she wanted to be carried. That was awesome since I was already carrying the baby carrier and diaper bag, but I managed. I have mad juggling skillz. Finally we got the test (a simple nose swab) and a kind nurse gave Hannah a sugar free lollipop that worked wonders. Not surprisingly, Hannah doesn’t have swine flu.

5. There was a dead duck in our front flowerbed.
Since there had been a downpour that day, we assumed it drowned from the water gushing out of the gutter, but in hindsight I hope it did not have a dread disease. Josh disposed of it in our trash can, wrapped in several layers of plastic garbage bag. You don’t even want to know what was going on in there during the week before our garbage pickup happened again, but I bet you can imagine. Josh cleaned out the garbage can but said it “smells like death” so I won’t be taking any garbage out any time soon. I want a new garbage can for Mother’s Day.

6. I’m about $110 away from a new camera.
I’m saving up for a Nikon D40. They cost $400 on Amazon, and thanks to Swagbucks I’m only $110 away. I’d be closer but I already used some of my Swagbucks Amazon cards to get a new pair of running shoes and some stuff for the kids. My point is, Swagbucks WORKS and you should sign up! Or if you have signed up but don’t use it, you should use it and get people to sign up under you. Just be aware that now they say it’s limited to one account per household, so don’t have your spouse sign up under you – I read about some people who got their accounts cancelled for doing that. In case you’ve never heard of Swagbucks (where have you been?!?!?) it’s a search engine that you can use to do your regular web searches, and you get swagbucks for your searches that can be converted to prizes like Amazon gift cards or Starbucks gift cards and things like that. The results are powered by google and, so it works pretty well. I will now stop shilling for Swagbucks. For today anyway.

7. Kefir is really good.
My friend and guru Kim F. suggested I get some kefir for the kids since they were on antibiotics. Kefir is kind of like yogurt, but more. Instead of the two or three active cultures yogurt has, kefir has 10 or 12. It tastes like yogurt, but is a little less solid. I wish I had a kefir culture so I could make my own.

And that you may think, my friends, was that. But it wasn’t, not by a fireman’s hat. (That’s a quote from Dr. Seuss, not just something crazy I made up because I haven’t slept all night, in case you were wondering) You can read more quick takes at Conversion Diary.

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