Another gardening experiment…

I’ve been revamping some of our flowerbeds this spring, so I wound up with a shady area that has good dirt but nothing else in it. When I asked Hannah what we should plant there she suggested potatoes. It was a spur of the moment thing, as we were in Kroger standing next to the potatoes at the time. But I figured it would be a good experiment for us so I let her pick three potatoes right there in the produce section.

After doing some internet research I realized that you’re supposed to buy seed potatoes that are dusted with nitrogen. Oops. I still cut the potatoes we had up making sure to leave at least one eye on each piece. My mom says that’s not the way to grow sweet potatoes. Oh well.
Here are the prepped potato pieces. The kids were excited to plant them with me.

Here are the intrepid half-pint gardeners. I know the exposure on this shot is egregious, but I had to edit it that way so you could see Jack’s face under his enormous hat. I told them they had to leave their hats on. Hannah then told Jack that if he took his hat off he would probably have to go to jail. He kept it on. What a good boy.

I read that peas and beans release nitrogen into the soil, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to plant some beans with the potatoes. I’m sort of interested to see if anything at all comes of this experiment. The kids had fun dropping potatoes and beans into the furrows I dug, and then stared at the soil for a while to see if potatoes would appear. Hannah told Jack they wouldn’t be ready until dinner time so they both trotted off to do other things.
This doesn’t have much to do with the potatoes, but I just wanted to point out how these irises I got from Jamie are GIGANTOR irises. They are nearly as tall as I am! I like them a lot, but it was a bad call to plant them in the front flower bed – they are too tall. I think after they bloom I’ll move them again.

In other gardening news, the green beans I saved for seed from last year are doing fantastic! I’m surprised they worked! I only saved a few since I didn’t know how they would fare, but maybe at the end of this summer I’ll let more of the seed pods go so that I can avoid having to buy seed next year. I also had some lettuce come back from last year’s plants. This year I decided to put some of my tomato plants in the flower beds. I’m not sure how that will work out.

Do you do experiments in your garden, or do you pretty much know what you’re doing?

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