I’ll be the mom with the bag over my head…

Tuesday morning I read that my friend Heather’s baby Lydia, who is almost two weeks younger than Sarah, had rolled from her tummy to her back. “Wow,” I thought, “Sarah rolls 3/4 of the way from her back to her tummy, but has never rolled from her tummy to her back.”

A few seconds went by while I let the implications of that thought sink in.

“Self,” I asked myself, calling myself “Self” even though I don’t usually, because I had a feeling I might need to record the quote on my blog,”Self, could the reason Sarah doesn’t roll from her tummy from her back be because she is never ON her tummy? When is the last time Sarah was given tummy time?”

There was silence, except for some crickets chirping. They might have been chirping for effect, or they might have been remarking to one another about what a bad mom I am, I’m not sure.

That’s when it hit me. I couldn’t remember the last time Sarah had tummy time. I think I put her on her stomach once after we got home from the hospital, or maybe twice. Then pretty much the next three months went by in a tummy-time-free fog.

Naturally I did what any seasoned mother of three would do. I panicked, picturing Sarah suffering all the live-long day from lack of upper body strength, and promptly plopped her on her belly with her nose in the carpet.

Sarah popped her head up and squalled in protest before quickly flipping to her usual 3/4 roll position so she could get her hands in her mouth. Then we had to be somewhere and were running late so I herded the children into the van and figured we would practice again later.

Wednesday night I remembered I had forgotten to remember tummy time again so I put Sarah down on her stomach in the living room and went to the kitchen to grab something. When I got back to the living room about a minute later, Sarah was on her back.

“Honey,” I said to Josh, who I usually do call “Honey” even when I’m not intending to memorialize the quote on my blog, “Honey, did you roll Sarah onto her back?”

“No,” Josh said, “She rolled herself.”

Just like that! What a relief! Way to make up for lost time Sarah! Maybe she’ll be all right after all.

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