Help, what am I doing wrong?

Yes, I know you probably have a lengthy list going of all the things I’m doing wrong, but specifically I’m wondering what I have done to ruin our kids’ clothes this season?

For purposes of plot exposition, our washer and dryer are about 5 years old, and I have been using Arm and Hammer detergent since December when it was on ridiculous sale at Walgreens and I stocked up. No changes have been made to my laundry methods over the past several months, and I wash on cold or warm, regular cycle most of the time.

Here is the problem: fabric is unattaching from snaps. It started a few weeks ago when some of the long sleeved t-shirt onesies my mom got for Jack from Carters in January showed signs of the fabric ripping away from the snaps. I thought maybe that was just because Carters had gotten a new factory or something. I mean, a brand new shirt and the snaps come undone? Weird, right?

Next Jack’s knaki overalls with the sweet little blue bear on them lost the snaps (see picture below) and that made me really mad, because the overalls are part of a whole matching set of clothes that I bought new this fall and Jack just grew into properly in December. I love the set and was hoping to set it aside in case Jack ever gets a brother.
The last straw was this morning when I realized that one of Sarah’s sweet Ralph Lauren outfits had a ripped snap as well.
At this point I think it must be something about my washer or dryer, because it’s happened to clothes that are from different brands and that are new. I could see this happening if like eight kids had worn the item and handed it down for years, but these are new clothes! I expect new clothes to at least last ONE kid ONE season, you know? Sigh, this is quite frustrating.

Has anyone had this happen to them before? Or do you have any thoughts or ideas about what I’m doing to cause this and what I could do differently?

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