You Know You Want One

Do you ever wonder who buys the creepy knick-knacks advertised in the Sunday paper? Last week’s coupon inserts contained the above advertisement for “the most incredibly lifelike baby monkey ever!” At only FIVE low payments of $27.99 plus $15.99 shipping and handling, this “collector quality vinyl” replica of a monkey baby could be yours.

You might think that $155.98 is kind of expensive considering that Little Umi is, after all, only a 14 inch long monkey doll wearing a t-shirt. However, when you make up your pro and con lists for getting a real baby monkey versus this “masterpiece of sculpting,” you should consider that while Little Umi is not going to grow up to enjoy a glass of wine with you of an evening, she also won’t rip the face off of your best friend. It’s those intangibles that make decisions difficult, but I trust you’ll make the right call.

When you think about it, $155.98 is such a bargain you’ll probably want to invest your tax return in more than one monkey doll, because the only thing more precious than a “fine collectible” vinyl monkey is TWIN fine collectible vinyl monkeys, right?

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