What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been

On Hannah’s first birthday, we started putting her on the potty. About 9 months later, she was potty trained during the day, and I wondered if potty training was “going to take a long time.” Last night, she stayed dry in underwear all night.

Yes folks, in only two short years the child is totally potty trained. (Feel free to fall out laughing if you want) I’m not naive enough to think that she’ll be dry every night from now on, but I do feel like it’s a milestone of sorts.

So do I think it was worth it to take that long for potty training? Yes, with reservations. First, getting her on the toilet when she was so young meant we never had any struggles over using the potty. Now that I have three kids, I’m over the “look what a great parenting idea that was!!!” stage and can freely admit that our lack of potty struggles MAY have been because of getting her on it early, or it MAY have just been her nature. Anyway, it saved me washing some diapers since we were using cloth then.

Likewise, getting her potty trained during the day at about 20 months saved me washing diapers, and really wasn’t a big hassle with her since she was verbal enough to tell me when she needed to go and I had time to take her. Jack now goes to the bathroom on the potty fairly frequently, but he has a hard time telling me he needs to go consistently, and I don’t have as much time and attention to devote to the process right now. I’m thinking of moving him to day time training when it gets a little warmer, maybe around his second birthday.

My conclusions so far about potty training are that getting the idea across early works for us, and that it’s important to pay attention to when the child is ready to communicate, the weather is warm enough, and most importantly when MOM has time and patience to deal with accidents before starting the process.

Boy, parenting is making me flexible and less dogmatic! Children are good tools for refining their parents, that’s for sure!

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