Organizing: A Tortoise Story

Ever since I read “Simplify Your Space” I’ve been trying to put my decluttering/reorganization plans into action. I don’t have a very cluttered house (I can’t stand clutter so I work hard to avoid it), but over time a few problem areas have developed. One of the main ones was our master bathroom linen closet. We have very little storage in the house, and over time a lot of stuff wound up in our linen closet, which has obnoxious wire shelves that prevent anything from standing up straight and cause things to fall through into the laundry bin and so forth. Every time I tried to organize it, my nice rows of things would get knocked slightly and fall like dominoes. It was seriously frustrating and unsightly.

The linen closet before – I know, it’s really appalling!

First, I pulled everything out from under our sink and out of the linen closet, sorted through to identify some things to donate (if you’re looking for a place that takes cough drops and diabetes monitors, the Wheeler Mission in Indianapolis accepts them), weeded out the expired medications, and grouped things together by kind. I put most of the toiletries under the sink lined up in rows, so I can easily see that we are down to only two toothpastes so I should stop ignoring the toothpaste deals and so forth. I moved most of the bigger things to the shelves since they won’t fall through the wire or tip to the side, and I put a big thick clear plastic sheet on one shelf for the toiletries we use every day. I took the wooden box the plastic sheet had been the top for and used it to sort out our over the counter medicines and other medical whatnot.
The new medicine storage

The box is quite heavy and large, and up on one of the top shelves Josh and I can easily slide it out when we need something, but the kids won’t be able to get to anything even if they stand on a chair.

If, perchance, they figure out how to get Jack on Hannah’s shoulders while Hannah is standing on a chair, they might be able to reach the box, but it would still be too heavy for them to pull off the shelf. However, if I hear a huge crash from that area of the house, I shall revisit that conclusion.

It’s nice to have a more workable storage solution in our bathroom. Eventually I will get the kids’ closet redone and figure out a more practical way to store the art supplies, but in this season of life I don’t have a lot of free time to get things like that accomplished, so I’ll keep reminding myself that like the tortoise said, slow and steady wins the race!

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