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When I was in elementary school I wrote books. These were not piddly little stories; they were sweeping generational sagas almost always revolving around heroines with ankle length blonde curly hair and their friends, family and archenemies. I would follow each story wherever it might lead, and once I ran out of paper or got bored with it, there would be a colossal covered wagon crash and all the remaining characters would die, thus ending the book. Sometimes I used variations on that theme, such as substituting a stagecoach for the usual covered wagon.

I wrote these literary gems on books with contact paper covers and thick reams of that elementary school penmanship paper for the pages. Do you remember that paper? It was sort of dirty looking, and had lines printed in red and blue ink – three lines for each line of text, with the middle one being made up of dashes. The paper itself had sort of a slimy, slippery quality that made the lead of your Number 2 pencil slide around a bunch if it was dull, but was easily ripped if your pencil was too sharp.

Being left-handed, I had a perpetual pencil smudge on the side of my hand where I dragged it along the paper as I wrote. I also had a large callous on my middle finger from gripping the pencil so hard – it has never completely disappeared. If I turn up dead at a crime scene someday, the CSIs will easily be able to tell that I’m a lefty! I wonder if that will be a key to solving the mystery or just a red herring to keep them all guessing until after the next commercial break?

I seem to be on a kick of elementary school memories this week! What are your main memories of elementary school?

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