Encouragement for Moms

Jennifer had a good post about keeping perspective on how blessed we are in the middle of daily chaos.

I get a lot of “well you have your hands full” comments when I go to the store with a baby in a sling and two in the cart. I keep score and so far the record is getting that comment four times in one store. Compared to my experience, the Vita Familiae trips to the store with a baby in a sling and FOUR in the cart is a real feat of strength! We share similar concerns about our kids overhearing the comments strangers make about our family size and spacing.

In case you’ve ever needed something to answer the “I get that you’re a full-time at home mom to three kids three and under, but really, what do you DO all day???” question, here is a well put answer from the Washington Post’s Carolyn Hax. (Usually when I get variations of that question I just look blankly at the asker like, “Are you SERIOUS????” but Carolyn is more eloquent. Maybe she’s getting more sleep than I am!)

I identified with a lot of what Heather Koerner would tell her 26 year old self about motherhood. I don’t think my 26 year old self would have listened. I’m pretty sure my wiser and more experienced mom friends often did (and probably still do) shake their heads in wonder at my comic (and sometimes tragic) overconfidence, but I’m trying to learn from my mistakes!

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