What Catherine Needs

Dude, these meme things are a powerful addiction. My brother tagged me to google “{my name} needs” in quotes and report the first five sentences containing my name. Of course, instead of googling I swagbucked, because I might as well get another Amazon gift card out of it, right? Here are the sentences I found, because they are kind of funny:

1. “Catherine needs to put her everyday chair in the car when she drives.” This would be my everyday chair as opposed to my special occasions chair, I suppose – I do hate to get stuck in an overdressed chair, don’t you?

2. “Catherine needs help with a giant slideshow.” It will be a poignant retrospective on such famous giants as Andre, Jolly Green, and Paul Bunyan. You won’t want to miss it.

3. “The character without manners (Catherine) needs both good models and bad.” The good and bad models will be sorted out by Tyra Banks, naturally.

4. “Catherine needs little introduction, having A&R’d a number of great Australian acts to the #1 position on the Aussie Album charts; she has moved into management with much aplomb.” Next time I’m A&Ring in The Land Down Under, I will be careful not to get on a return flight with a fat guy, a neurotic doctor, a pregnant blonde, a prisoner in handcuffs, and a scruffy bad boy. Although I’m sure I could carry myself with aplomb on any island anywhere (or is it any time?)

5. “Catherine’s rose-colored world is shattered.” That’s ok, I prefer green anyway.


If you’d like to play this game, feel free to consider yourself tagged.

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