The Week in Books 2009, No. 6

“Disciplines of a Godly Woman” is not a list of legalistic steps to take to be a better person, rather it’s a call to choose God’s ways in day to day life. “Disciplines” sounds off-putting in our cultural context, but the book emphasizes that spiritual disciplines are, at root, making decisions every day to have godly attitudes, godly perspectives, and godly behaviors. I got a lot out of the first half of the book, particularly the sections on perseverance and submitting to God’s will. This is one of those books that would probably hit people differently depending on your circumstances, but I got a lot out of it and would recommend it.

As a side note, the book is not really about motherhood or marriage; there is a chapter on marriage and also one on being single.

I got a copy of “The Mommy Diaries: Finding Yourself in the Daily Adventure” when I joined MOPS, and I found it encouraging. The book is a set of essays by mothers in different stages and walks of life, sharing their perspectives and thoughts on motherhood. I find it encouraging to find that other moms relate to the challenges and joys of motherhood like I do, but equally encouraging to read about moms who do things differently or who have totally different circumstances. Sometimes it’s helpful to get a variety of perspectives. Some of the stories in the book made me laugh, and others were so touching that I cried. Because it’s structured in short essays, “The Mommy Diaries” is a good downstairs book (you know, to keep in the kitchen so you have something to read while you stir dinner or while vacuuming or during commercials and so forth). I’d recommend it to moms for a light but encouraging read.

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