7 Quick Takes

1. I wonder how the yurt business is doing in this economy.
I mentioned before that there is a yurt business down the road from us. I passed it again the other day and started to wonder if in a down economy people tend to buy more yurts or fewer? I mean, theoretically people have less discretionary income to attend Pennsic War re-enactments sponsored by the Society for Creative Anachronism (I’m still not making that up), but perhaps times are so tight that people are tempted to sell their homes, buy a yurt or two, and go camp out in their parents’ Back 40 until happy times are here again. At any rate, it’s an option to keep in mind. At least it is if your parents have a Back 40.

2. I weaned Jack (again).

I was feeling done with nursing Jack several times a day while also nursing Sarah and trying to hold everything else together, so about two weeks ago I stopped cold turkey. He is still trying to get me to let him nurse on occasion, but he’s making do with lots of extra cuddling. I think he’s just a much more affectionate child than Hannah is and he needs his Mama time. I’m still a little conflicted over it, since the AAP says the benefits of breastfeeding extend to two years old, but he had a good 20 month run and hopefully he’ll be all right.

3. The dog ate purple playdough and did not throw up.
Color me impressed. We were kind of hoping that if she did throw up the purple playdough, she would put it right next to the neon orange stain from where Hannah knocked over a bottle of amoxicillin so that we could have a rad carpet stain in Clemson’s school colors to honor my dad, who is one of Clemson’s most famous alumni. Sorry we couldn’t swing that for you Dad.

4. I cut my own hair again.
It turned out much better this time. I just really have a problem paying someone to trim an inch off of my ends, you know? I have long hair, and it’s wavy, so it’s hard to mess up.

5. My mom came to visit us this week.
Mom was here this week until Wednesday, which was really nice since I had a bad cold (that I caught from the rest of the family – we’re just glad Sarah hasn’t come down with it…yet). Ever since we dropped Mom off at the airport, Hannah has been periodically sighing and announcing how much she misses her Gigi. Her grief is somewhat assuaged by assurances that she will see Gigi and Grandad this summer, and maybe even Uncle Thomas.

6. Speaking of Uncle Thomas, Hannah thinks she’s ready for college.
Just prior to Mom’s arrival Hannah had determined that since Uncle Thomas goes to college, college must be fun, and she should go off to college with him. Thomas thought that was funny but really hopes he won’t still be in college in 15 years or so when Hannah is ready to matriculate.

7. Our bathroom looks like a bomb went off in there.
I wasn’t kidding about feeling inspired to declutter and reorganize the house again, so yesterday during the kids’ naptime I got started by pulling everything out of our master bathroom linen closet and cabinets. We had an awful lot of stuff in there, like our prodigious stash of CVS/Walgreens bounty
, a plaster cast of my teeth (not kidding, it was from years ago when I got my teeth whitened and I kept the plaster mold of my teeth because I thought it was cool and might come in handy some time…which it has not), and a big purple cup with my name artistically rendered on it in paint pen, which my former camp counselor Ainsley made for me the year I was in Cabin 5 (Stayin’ Alive!!!). I think that was 1994? Anyway, the kids woke up way before I finished sorting and cleaning, so I had to close the door on that project. At this rate, it will take me the better part of a decade to get my house in good order. Oh well, progress is progress I suppose!

Many thanks to Jen of Conversion Diary for hosting 7 Quick Takes on Fridays!

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