WFMW: Get the Vegetables into the Toddler

For some reason we cannot fathom, Jack is boycotting dinner. I mean, he shows up and sits in his chair, he just refuses to eat anything, even if it’s his favorites like spaghetti or pizza. He also turns up his nose at vegetables he used to enjoy, like peas and broccoli and green beans. He still eats breakfast, lunch, and fruit, but I was starting to get concerned about his lack of vegetable intake.

Then I remembered that both he and Hannah liked (nay, adored) applesauce mixed with pureed greens when they were babies. I do not know why this works, but it does for my kids: I just steam some greens (spinach, kale, whatever), puree it in the blender or mini food processor, freeze it in an ice cube tray, and pop a few cubes worth in their bowl of sugar free applesauce at lunch. They think it’s a major treat. Personally I think greens in applesauce sounds disgusting, but whatever works for them works for me.

I’ve also been slipping pureed vegetables into the scrambled eggs. Jack actually ate seconds of carrot/green bean/egg scramble this morning without batting an eye.

I have read the “trick your kids into eating vegetables” cookbooks, but at this point I’m disinclined to alter our whole family meal plan that way when it’s so simple to add several servings to easy things like applesauce.


Has anyone else ever had a toddler boycott meals regularly like this before? If so, what did you do to break that habit, or did it go away by itself?

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