The Week in Books 2009, No. 4

I heard about “Body for Life” from Amy’s Humble Musings. Although I’m late for her 12 week challenge, I figured if it worked for her (she’s a much, much busier mom than I am) it might be a good thing to try. Josh and I had already purposed to do situps and pushups together after Sarah turned 6 weeks old (that will be this Saturday), so I’m going to integrate that with this 12 week idea, which basically just boils down to eating right and exercising. I know, it’s basic, but I think it will be helpful. The thing that really got me was the idea of only doing 20 minutes of cardio, but making it hard intervals. That’s worth a try.

I’ll keep you posted on the results of the 12 week thing and the situps/pushups thing, and I promise I won’t scar you by posting pictures of us like the ones in this book. Seriously, what is it that makes people think they should oil themselves up before taking “after” photos????? Folks, just because you’re glistening doesn’t make you look healthier or more buff. I’m just saying.

I already posted my favorite new words from “A Word A Day” by Anu Garg, but thought I’d note again what a fun, interesting and useful book it is. In the comments on my post, the author’s copy editor noted that there is also a free website where you can get a new word a day – click here to join.

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