Seven Quick Takes

1. Did I mention we got a minivan?
A few days after Sarah was born, Josh and I went on a coffee date to Starbucks and realized we really didn’t want to buy three skinny carseats to cram into the back of our Civic, and the next day we went and got a minivan. We got a fantastic deal (we spent a little over half the listed price) on a red 2005 Grand Caravan. I’m not one of those people who had to be dragged kicking and screaming into van ownership, I think it’s pretty rad.

2. My brother fixed my scissors, but they broke again.
Remember how my favorite scissors broke, and in the comments my brother boasted that he could fix them? Since he was here over Christmas, he took my scissors into the garage with a lighter and some duct tape and emerged some time later with blackened scissors highlighted with duct tape. Sadly, the “soldering” didn’t hold and the scissors are once again broken, but now also look like they’ve been through some kind of nuclear event. Nothin’ but love for you, bro, and I appreciate the effort.

3. My brother (and my dad and Josh) DID fix my dishwasher!
We had been without our dishwasher for months, trying everything we could think of to fix it ourselves, until Dad and Thomas helped Josh rig up some sort of thing that looked like one of those beer chugging funnels and attached it to some hose and jabbed bent clothes hangers all over the place and VOILA! The silly machine works again, and we were not subjected to any unsightly jeans cleavage or hit with any repair bills in the process. Rock on, gentlemen.

4. The aforementioned triumvirate of handyness also managed to put together Hannah’s new play kitchen.
It was pretty hilarious to see three grown men digging through an unbelievable pile of tiny plastic parts, trying to figure out how to assemble this thing using technical lingo such as, “I’m looking for a rectangle with gray on it.” At one point Thomas said, “I need a screwdriver” and Dad replied, “Me too, but I don’t think we have any vodka.”

5. I’m not ignoring you.
I find it surprisingly difficult to get anything accomplished on three non-consecutive hours of sleep, so if I owe you a thank you note or haven’t returned your emails lately, please don’t think I am mad at you. Right now I’m focused on keeping everyone fed, clothed and comforted.

6. This post on motherhood was really encouraging.
It’s probably cheating for one of my quick takes to be about someone else’s take, but it was a really great post. I just found the Vitafamiliae blog via a link on Amy’s Humble Musings, and I think it’s a really good one.

7. Since I already went down the linking road, here is another good post.
Jess from Making Home had some good thoughts on Ephesians 1.

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