Poor Sweet Baby!

I took Sarah in for a checkup today and found out the reason she cries all the time and won’t sleep is not colic or something I was eating or doing wrong – she has bad reflux that has backed up into her ears and given her an ear infection on top of the reflux symptoms. The reflux is also backing up into her lungs which is why she gasps and coughs a lot. My poor girl! I hate that she has been in so much pain, but I’m glad we know why and hopefully the antibiotics, keeping her upright and reflux medicine will help.

I’m so glad that one of the moms in my MOPS group suggested reflux when we were talking on Monday. I had planned to wait until Sarah’s one month appointment to get her checked out, but after talking with the other mom I called and moved the appointment up to today.

In positive news, Sarah has grown to 9 pounds 14 ounces, so at least she’s getting enough to eat!

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