Belated Resolutions Still Count

I find it difficult to start any new resolution-type situation on any day other than a Monday, plus this seems like a better time to start resolutions for me, as Christmas and Hannah’s birthday are past, my family has gone home, and I really want to believe that Sarah will start getting the hang of sleeping at night sometime very, very soon. Thus, here are my resolutions for 2009:


Work on my prayer life

In the past few weeks I’ve gotten away from my prayer times with the children because of all the craziness of the end of pregnancy and new baby plus holidays, but I’d like to get back into that habit. I would also like to focus more on my personal prayer life, which I think may mean finding a different time to do my daily Bible reading and prayer time. I was encouraged by John Piper’s recent post on Scriptures to encourage prayer.

Be organized for Sundays
I would really like for Sunday to be a day of rest for me, but honestly most weeks it’s anything but restful. I’ve made some good changes in recent months that have helped, but my new goal is to get the house pretty clean on Friday and Saturday and have meals prepared or at least planned out in advance so I don’t have to spend Sunday frantically searching for breakfasts and lunches (why do we always run out of everything unexpectedly on Sundays???) or spend a long time Sunday night preparing dinner. I’m also going to give myself permission to just sit still on Sundays and ignore the to do list, at least during the rare times the kids nap (they usually don’t on Sundays) or after they go to bed.


Keep up date nights
I’d like to keep having date nights once a week with Josh – I think it’s a great time to re-connect and do something fun together. My goal is to plan more in advance for date nights, and to bar the door to all intruders, including but not limited to vacuum salesmen.

Be cheerful when Josh gets home
I love being at home with my children, and I count it a privilege that I’m able to be the one to teach and nurture them and watch them grow and develop day to day. The problem is, a lot of times I’m also trying to cram the day with tons of other things that only serve to make me stressed and tired. I think I need to reorder some priorities and shift some of my expectations of what I can accomplish so that I can be cheerful and have some energy left when Josh gets home. I want him to enjoy coming home, I want him to know that I appreciate being able to be home with the kids and I want to have time at the end of the day to enjoy being with my husband.

Work on being more patient and consistent with the children
I think especially now that we have a new baby, I need to take extra care to focus on and nurture the older two kids. I have to really be mindful of being patient and consistent in my expectations and follow-through with them, especially when I’m tired, because it’s not my natural tendency.


Eat well, exercise faithfully (not fanatically)
I’m pleasantly surprised to find myself bouncing back from the third pregnancy quickly, in spite of all the holiday junk I ate in the two weeks since I had the baby. I’d like to be a little more mindful of the nutrition of what I eat. Since my policy is to eat when I’m hungry while I’m nursing it might as well be healthy food I’m packing away. I’d also like to exercise regularly, but not with the fanatical all or nothing type zeal I usually apply to fitness. I tend to like to put in a good hour or more of exercise, and if I don’t have time for that, I don’t do it at all, but I’d like to be more the type of person who exercises a little if I only have a little time, or more if I have more time. Doesn’t that sound reasonable? Like the kind of thing a 30 year old would do? I’m really not someone who excels at moderation, so this might take some work for me, even though I have been 30 for 26 days now.

Get the photo album/baby book/scrapbook thing caught up
I think I’ve mentioned before that Jack doesn’t have his baby book yet. I did a book of Hannah’s first year, and since then have done absolutely nothing other than get pictures printed out. I really, seriously, totally do intend to get Hannah’s book caught up, get Jack’s started and caught up, and keep Sarah’s current. I think to do that I’ll need to set aside a time each week to pull out some of the pictures, get them organized, and work on a few pages at a time, rather than trying to have gobs of stuff out all over my already clutter-prone desk for months on end.

I think that’s a sufficient number of goals/resolutions for now. How about you? Do you make resolutions at the New Year? Do you ever keep them?

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