25 Things About Me (for MOPS and Michelle and Whoever Else Tagged Me)

1. I don’t like the phrase “kill two birds with one stone.” First of all, using a rock to kill a bird is a dumb idea. It would be much faster to kill it with an arrow or a bullet or something. Second, it’s NOT HARD to kill two birds with one rock if you have to use a rock. Just kill the first bird, pick up your rock, and kill another one. Now, if you could kill two birds with one BULLET, then I would be impressed.

2. I miss commercials from the 80s. Commercials nowadays aren’t catchy, and I don’t really care about them except for being painfully sucked in by the Watson’s commercials, just to see what distressingly tacky ensemble they dressed the Watson’s Girl in. (Have you seen the latest one? Seriously, is that an animal pelt she’s wearing????) Commercials from the 80s had great songs that stick in your head. For example, today at MOPS Allison said something about a gem, and I immediately started singing, “Me and my friends are JEM GIRLS! JEM! Jem is my name!” (Yes, that link is to the YouTube clip of the song, in case you’ve been missing it!)

3. Whenever anyone says “I don’t know…” I start thinking about that 80’s song “I Don’t Know Much (But I Know I Love You)” by Aaron Neville and Linda Ronstadt. Seriously, go watch the video, especially if you are too young to remember 1989. Now that you’ve done that, don’t you think Aaron Neville’s voice sounds a lot like Cartman from South Park? Can’t you hear him singing “I don’t knooooooow much…but I know I love youuuuuuuuu…so get in the kitchen and bake me a PIE!” Or maybe that’s just me.

4. One of the only things I miss about college is dancing. Grownups don’t usually hire DJs for their get-togethers, for some reason.

5. I wish I had more formal events to attend. I like dressing up.

6. You know, nobody gives theme parties anymore either. I guess that goes in the category of “things that work for 20 year olds can be sort of absurd for 30 year olds” or something.

7. You should know that in addition to attending parties I also DID study in college, and did quite well, except for four semesters of Russian which was a wretched, awful blight on my GPA. I should have taken German.

8. Speaking of German, I lived in Germany when I was in 9th and 10th grade. I’m still friends with my 3 best friends from that era, which is pretty good considering that we were all military kids who only lived in the same place for 2 years. We were incredibly silly then. I’m still fairly silly when I get going, to be honest. The other day Hannah informed me that I am “silly to the max.”

9. Before Germany, I lived in Korea for two years. I love Korean food. I can only say a few things in Korean, but those key phrases do include “Could you give me a bargain?” and “I think that’s too expensive.” Korea is a good place to shop. Also, because one of my college roommates was Korean American (still is, I’m sure!) and listened to Korean music, I know some helpful song lyrics, such as “I am a princess!”

10. This is my 19th address. I’ve lived in this house for over 4 years, which is my lifetime record. This house is ok, but I’m ready to move any time my husband says the word.

11. I hate clutter. It stresses me out. That has made having small children kind of a challenge, because their stuff expands exponentially no matter what I do! And they think everything is a toy. I just found a toilet paper roll hidden in the play kitchen, for example. I admire their creativity, but trash is trash.

12. Because I’m really Type A, I have a chart where I note my weight and measurements at different increments after having a baby – it has one column for each baby. That way, I can track how I’m doing on the weight loss thing, and keep myself from getting totally down over how far I still have to go. With each pregnancy so far I’ve lost exactly the same amount by each increment, and then an additional 5 pounds before getting pregnant again. I think that’s interesting. At some point if I keep having kids, I might achieve my goal weight. 🙂 I am pleasantly surprised that pregnancy and breastfeeding have been so good for me, since I never had an easy time with weight before kids.

13. I also think it’s interesting that when I’m 9 months pregnant I weigh what I did in college. That’s not to say I’m so thin when I’m pregnant, but rather I was so chubby in college. Why is this meme turning into a college memory fest?

14. In high school I used to dye my hair shades of red, and in college I was blonde for a while. Then I accidentally dyed it green trying to go from blonde to brown. Long story. After that, I grew to like my natural hair color. Now that I really love my natural color, I’m starting to see a few grey hairs here and there and I don’t know what to do about that. I wish I hadn’t wasted the years of my great natural color by dying it, but I guess I was kind of finding myself or something like that.

15. I wish that whole “finding myself” phase had been shorter, and less ridiculous.

16. My husband is my best friend and the person I most like to spend time with. He gets my sense of humor (which is really saying something!) and is very patient and kind. I’ve noticed a lot of people say their spouse is their best friend; I think that’s a pretty key thing in a marriage.

17. I met Josh when we were in the worship band together at church. He played the guitar and drums, and I just sang and shook the little egg-shaped percussion thingy. It was Laura B.’s idea to have me sing with them, and it was a lot of fun. We think it’s kind of funny that we met in a worship band and now we go to a church that only sings Psalms a cappella.

18. I knew I was going to marry Josh when we were on our second date. It just hit me as we were sitting there at dinner: “I’m going to marry this guy.” I used to make fun of people who said things like that, but I guess when you know, you know. “It’s like how you know about a good melon” to quote When Harry Met Sally, which is my favorite movie. Anyway, about six weeks after we started dating, Josh called the DTR (Define The Relationship, in case that acronym wasn’t the thing where you lived) and said he felt like we could be headed toward getting married. He used to make fun of people who said things like that. In fact, one of our first conversations (after the one about infant baptism) was about how crazy it was when people got married really soon after getting together. Ha.

19. I am a lapsed cloth diaperer. We cloth diapered Hannah until she was potty trained at 20 months and it saved us a lot of money. We cloth diapered Jack after he was born (when Hannah was 17 months old) until this summer when we couldn’t figure out a cloth solution for him at night time. Then I figured out how to score free diapers from CVS and Walgreens (thanks Money Saving Mom!) and since I was pregnant again by then and exhausted and throwing up a lot, I just started using the disposable diapers I got free on Jack all the time. Now that Sarah is here, I’ve been using disposables on her because, to be honest, I’m barely holding things together around here as it is! I like having my cute stash of cloth diapers as backup or to use when we’re at home, but I also like having free dispoables for days when I can’t swing the cloth ones.

20. I take being a mom really seriously. I see being a mother as my vocation for this stage of my life, and I find it very rewarding although, frankly, a lot more difficult and humbling than I expected. I try to channel the impulse to take mothering so seriously into a productive energy to do a good job, but sometimes I find it kind of paralyzing to think about the responsibility of raising three little people.

21. Having kids has given me a different perspective of God as our Father. Whenever I’m telling one of the kids something for the seventeen thousandth time and they still disobey, I remind myself that my wishing they would just choose the right thing is only a fraction of how God must feel about me! That helps me be more patient with the kids, and also gives me a different view of my own sin.

22. My favorite newspaper is the Wall Street Journal, and my favorite news magazine is The Economist. I can read part of the WSJ online, but I miss The Economist. I used to read it at work. I suppose I could read it at the library, but not when I’m there with three little children. I’m a good reader, but not that good.

23. The first book I ever read was called “Max the Cat” and I was so proud of myself for it. Recently my mom located a set of the books my preschool used to teach reading that included “Max the Cat.” I was surprised that it was so short, because I remember it being a very long story.

24. Because I read instead of getting other things done, I’m always way behind on projects. I am currently still not finished making the Christmas gifts I started for my mom and mother-in-law, and I’m only halfway through making a baby gift for a friend who had her baby on Thanksgiving. I probably need to start making the girls their Easter dresses now, so that I have a prayer of finishing them before Easter.

25. Reading is my favorite thing, as you might guess if you read my blog. I read when I should be doing other things, which is a balance problem I’m still trying to solve. People are always asking me how I have time to read so much, and really it’s just that I read instead of doing the stuff other people do. Everyone has their “thing” and reading is mine.

If you made it all the way to the end of this post, I salute you. Now if you are ever pitted against me in a fierce game of Two Truths and a Lie or something, you’ll have more ammunition.

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