The Weekly Seven Takes

1. Whipped cream icing gags me with a spoon.
I am a person who loves buttercream frosting. I am always so sorely disappointed to bite into a cake with that weak sauce whipped cream type icing that is barely sweet. Even worse is that colored gel stuff that gets used on cakes from grocery stores. That junk is grody to the max. The best frosting is the homemade Hershey chocolate frosting you make with butter and powdered sugar. If you’ve ever wondered why I’m not a naturally skinny person, now you have what we in the industry call “a clue.”

2. If you find yourself afflicted with a sore throat while in Central Indiana, please call me for a lozenge.
Someday drugstores may stop paying me to take their merchandise home. Society may totally break down and people may have to pay for sore throat lozenges with wheelbarrows full of nearly worthless paper currency. When that day comes, I will be prepared with my thousands of lozenges and no one will laugh at me then! Meanwhile, if you need some lozenges, seriously, just let me know.

3. I think the word “lozenge” is really fun to say.
Try it. Lozenge. Lozenge. Lozenge. See? Who needs cable television????

4. My Fantasy Football team is on bye this week.
I’m pleased to report that the SnagToothDoomBunnies are having a great season, much better than their predecessor teams the PugnaciousDoomChiknz and the TinyLizardDoomWarriors. I think the secret is that this year I committed to NOT asking my husband for any advice. I just went by the projected stats. Also, I read the little notes and injury reports. In other words, it’s better for me to have no skill or inside knowledge. Hey, at least I’m not picking things by color anymore.

5. I can’t believe Vicky made it to The Biggest Loser finals.
Argh, she’s so annoying! I wonder if when you actually know someone in real life and then they are on a reality show, you find out more about them, or if you’re surprised by how awful they are, or what. I am normally not a fan of reality television, but I do love TBL.

6. We have been having a rocking good time dancing to Michael W. Smith’s Christmas album.
Hannah and Jack love the Michael W. Smith Christmas album. It’s one of my favorites too, and has been ever since I was in like 4th grade. Josh, however, you should know, uses “W. Smith” as an adjective to encompass all cheesy Christian music. We have been teaching the kids some great 80s dance moves to do to the music. I have to say, there are few things funnier than a toddler doing the Running Man. Unless it’s my husband doing the Running Man. Or a 39 week pregnant woman like me doing the Running Man. We are a weird family, but we have fun together.

7. I am running really behind on Christmas projects.
Next time I plan to do a lot of crafty things for Christmas gifts, I am going to have to start working on them in July. I have delusions of grandeur when it comes to crafting, yes I do.

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