The Week in Books 2008, No. 50

Rarely have I read a book as convicting as Respectable Sins: Confronting the Sins We Tolerate by Jerry Bridges. Bridges’ thesis is that Christians are prone to congratulate ourselves for not sinning in “really bad” ways like the world around us, while overlooking the more socially acceptable ways we sin against God. Bridges uses Scripture to point to the fact that although we may overlook or write off certain sins, God does not, and our continuing to sin in respectable ways separates us from God and affects our witness to others. There were points in this book where I had to stop after every sentence to consider and pray over what was being discussed – it was that convicting. I would absolutely recommend this book to you, especially if you’re in a situation or phase of life where you’re mostly among other Christians or feeling pretty secure in your goodness. This book will probably make my top 15 for the year.

That Hideous Strength is the third in C.S. Lewis’ space trilogy, although it takes place in England not in space. The book is the most obvious in it’s spiritual implications, causing readers to think about what angels really might be like, how people choose between God and Satan, the process of thought that takes people down the road to evil, how ideas affect actions, and so on. I think the book can stand alone, although you’d likely enjoy it more if you’ve read the first two books in the trilogy, “Out of the Silent Planet” and “Perelandra.” As I’ve mentioned before, I’m quite impressed with this trilogy, but then again it is C.S. Lewis.

Sorry to hit you with two book posts so close together, but I got to a late start last week and need to stay on track to finish the year!

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