Very Quick Takes

1. I am still pregnant.
‘Nuff said.

2. I ran nearly a whole cycle of laundry before realizing that a) I had not closed the lid to the washer and b) I had not actually put any clothes in the washer.
As Allison said on The Biggest Loser finale, “The baby took my brain.”

3. I am glad Vicky didn’t win The Biggest Loser, even if she is from Houma Louisiana, which is where one of my friends from Camp grew up.
Hi Blair!

4. I have a crick in my neck, even though “crick” sounds like what a backwoods person would call a “creek” and there is not a small body of moving water flowing through my neck, it just hurts because I slept on it funny.
I’ve been walking around with my hand on my neck to avoid paralyzing myself, so Jack has been imitating me and walking around with his hand on his neck too.

5. If you ever have some icky health food brownies that taste kind of like vaguely chocolate flavored chalk, put them in the freezer.
Because then they will taste like frozen chocolate chalk, which is somehow more palatable. Then feed most of them to your kids, who don’t know better, and that way when they feed most of THAT to the dog, you won’t mind.

6. Because I only have two tops that still cover my stomach, I have resorted to wearing a dress over pants today. The dress is a little too short to wear as a dress, in my opinion, but it’s knit and very comfortable and doesn’t leave my belly hanging out in a trashy way.
Hannah thinks this means we need to go to church. All day she has been saying, “That’s a nice dress. Is it time for church? Should I put on MY dress now? What dress am I wearing to church?” etc. I guess she thinks of skirts as being regular day wear but DRESSES as being strictly for worship. Interesting.

7. If anyone local wants some Evening Primrose Oil capsules, let me know because I’m going to have some left over and they won’t be good by the next time I’m pregnant.
I’m not trying to leave out non-local people, just I don’t think it’s worth the expense to ship 12ish capsules someplace.

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