Thoughts on Thirty

I find it curious that so many people dread turning 30. I’m actually pretty excited to finally be 30 as of today. I think of people who are 30 somethings as being still young and energetic, but far more grounded and “together” than people in their 20s. I do know people in their 20s who are much more mature than people in their 30s, but perhaps they are the exceptions that prove the rule…

In any case, I’m looking forward to starting a new decade. Although my 20s were interesting and full and rewarding in many ways, they were also years of hard lessons and lots of tiresome quarter-life-crisis type “what does it all mean???” dithering about. I’m all for embracing the stage of life in which you find yourself; I’ve never seen the point of longing to be much older or younger than you actually are. So far I find there are pretty fascinating and exciting facets of every new era, as well as new challenges and difficulties. It’s fun to imagine what sorts of things will happen and how I’ll grow and change over the next 10 years. Here’s to the 30s!

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