Raining and Pouring

In case things weren’t hectic enough, we spent this afternoon at the ER after Hannah decided to do a flying leap off of her bedside table with disastrous results. There really isn’t anything like walking into your child’s room to see sheets of blood pouring out of her head to freak a mama out. As it turned out, she is fine, and just has a one centimeter long laceration on the back of her head.

To further liven things up, while we were waiting in triage, Sarah had a diaper blow out the likes of which I have never seen (how does such a small baby poop up to her ARMS?!?!?) and of course I didn’t have a spare outfit for her, so she spent the rest of the visit naked except for her diaper and blanket. As we were being released, the nurse was looking at the baby, and probably thinking to herself, “Should we let this woman go home with this bleeding toddler and naked newborn?”

We’re thankful that Hannah is ok, and hoping we can stay away from the hospital for a while now!

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