Bedecked: Tree and Wreath Edition

Here is our Christmas tree, presenting an endless source of temptation to the children who would love to pull each and every ornament off. We’re working on self control! It’s so fun to pull out the ornaments collected from our travels, saved from our childhoods, or given by dear friends, and remember every year. We got our tree from Home Depot this year, and are quite pleased with the quality and the price. It appears to be lasting well.
I’m not that keen on this year’s wreath. I like to do a different wreath for every season every year. I think perhaps my evergreen wreath form is getting a little down in the heels. I am keeping it simple with just a nice bow and some gold acorn ornaments. It’s festive and not fussy, which is what I was looking for. I do love to make bows, especially with wired ribbon, because they are so pretty and retain their shape nicely even in inclement weather.

So there you have it – our decorations are complete! We’re still adding to the Jesse Tree every night so I’ll put up a picture of that later in the month, or you can see a picture from another year here (and find out more about that tradition if you haven’t yet).

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