Bedecked: Dining Room Edition

I like to decorate the top of the piano, because otherwise it’s just a lot of bare space, and that bothers me. The challenge is that it’s an upright piano (the kind that is taller than a console because the strings are longer) so it’s a little tall. This year, having washed each and every leaf of my everlasting acuba cuttings by hand (yes, I am nesting) I decided to fill in the arrangement with more of the free greenery from Home Depot and some long sprigs of red and gold berries. Around the bottom of the vase I put more of the beaded pears like the ones on the mantel. For some reason with a flash the pears look scary, so I tried to take a picture without the flash too.
It’s hard to take a flash free picture with my camera, because it makes the shutter delay like 35 seconds, and I have a hard time standing still that long. Sad, I know.
Moving on, here is our dining room chandelier. If you follow my status updates on Facebook you’ll remember that I also washed the lightbulbs from this chandelier. And I polished the rest of it. I think I’ve mentioned that I’m nesting. I generally like to do different things with my decorating every year, but the wreaths on the chandelier are an annual feature because I like them so much. I just got some miniature wreaths and took apart a sprig of red berries to put the individual berries around the wreaths. It was easy and looks very festive.
I decided to go simple for the table, at least for now. We don’t have an eat in kitchen, so we eat all our meals in the dining room, and I didn’t want to lead my toddlers into temptation by making something too ornate that they would feel compelled to reach for. They still have tried to reach for this, but we’re working on it! All I did was put a green pillar candle on a luncheon sized plate, add a hurricane glass on top of it, and put the last of the free greenery around that to cover up the plate and make a wreath effect. I added some little apples with a tiny amount of gold glaze around the greens to add color. The candles on either side of the main one are really the same color green as the pillar candle, although they look different in the picture. We like to have candlelight for dinner, so this centerpiece works well with that habit.

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