7 Quick Takes – Stream of Consciousness Style

1. It’s my little brother’s birthday.
Thomas is 28 today, wish him well! That’s a picture of Thomas at left, holding Jack when Jack was just five weeks old. Aww!

2. Speaking of siblings, telling Hannah that her baby sister was arriving at “Christmastime” was a bad idea.
Now Hannah sees the tree and other decorations up, plus snow on the ground, and continually asks, “Where’s my sister?!??!?!” Yesterday she asked, “Did Sarah get stuck in your tummy? She needs to come out so I can take care of her!” Hopefully Sarah is not, in fact, stuck in my tummy, but it sure is getting to feel that way! I have less than two weeks until my due date!

3. Speaking of Christmastime, the Jesse Tree is so much fun this year!
If you’re not familiar with the Jesse Tree family advent devotions, you can check out my Jesse Tree blog for details. This year it seems like Hannah is really catching on and it’s so fun to see her make connections and know that we’re keeping Christmas focused on Christ. Jack listens and likes to put the ornaments on the tree, although he’s not talking enough for me to figure out what he’s getting and not getting.

4. Speaking of getting and not getting, I tried the Espresso Truffle drink from Starbucks, and was underwhelmed.
I was expecting awesomeness, but instead I thought the drink tasted like hot chocolate mixed with coffee. I like hot chocolate mixed with coffee as much as the next guy, but I can make that at home. I have a card for a free drink at Starbucks, so I plan to try the Peppermint Mocha Twist Frappucino next. If all else fails, I really like their egg nog lattes.

5. Speaking of Starbucks, yes, I do drink caffeine even when I’m pregnant.
During my first pregnancy I foreswore all caffeine. I was a militant crusader for many things during my first pregnancy and before I tried the whole parenting thing. Now that I’m on my third baby, I’ve relaxed on a lot of that. I don’t drink caffeine until I stop feeling sick, but once the middle of the second trimester rolls around, I am back to caffeine, although still in moderation. They say you can have the equivalent of two cups of coffee a day, and I make our coffee half strength, and have one cup. The Espresso Truffle thing probably hit my daily max though!

6. Speaking of pregnancy, I know you’re sick of hearing about it, but it’s hard for me to think about anything else right now!
If you’ve ever been 38 weeks and one day pregnant, you know what I mean. I promise that once I have the baby I’ll provide more variety, but for now variety right out.

7. Speaking of variety being right out, I once worked retail over Christmas and our store only had 10 Christmas songs on the background music loop. I still want to fall on my sword whenever I hear those 10 songs.
In case the troubled economy and our small budget weren’t enough, what really keeps me out of the malls this time of year is my deep and abiding fear of hearing James Brown ask, “ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZAT YOU, SANTY CLAWS?!?!?!?!” Likewise, that creepy “Santa Baby” song makes me physically ill, and Barbra Streisand’s on-crack version of “Jingle Bells” could induce seizures. Why risk it?


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