40 Weeks

Sorry to everyone who flipped out when I didn’t post yesterday. Believe me, when I have the baby I will let y’all know! Today is my official due date, and I’m still just sitting around at 2cm. I’ve been pretty dejected the past few days because I’m exhausted and everything hurts and I feel like I just want to leap out of my skin most of the time. I went overdue with Hannah and thought I was miserable, but I’m finding that with the third baby, everything is much more magnified! I wonder if symptoms continue to get more intense with every baby?

Anyway, today I talked with my doctor and we scheduled an induction for December 30. The hospital won’t let you go past 42 weeks, and they also won’t let any inductions be scheduled for the 31st or 1st due to the holiday, so the 30th is the latest possible date for me. In a strange way, it’s very comforting to have an end date in mind, just to know I won’t be pregnant forever! Meanwhile, I’m praying for grace and patience.

That’s all the update I have for today, and hopefully my improved state of mind will help me think of some more interesting things to post tomorrow!

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