We’re Not Too Cool to be a Little Crazy

We don’t celebrate Halloween so we’re always on the lookout for something else to do to get out of the house on October 31. This year we found out that Chipotle has an annual event giving away free burritos if you wear an item of tinfoil on your person. Chipotle is not your average icky microwave burrito, they are meal-sized (or, if you’re my kids, one burrito feeds two kids for three meals! Check out the size of that thing in the picture with Hannah below – it’s as big as she is!), fresh, and delicious! Plus for a family of four getting free Chipotle is a savings of about $25. You know since we’re not ashamed to dress up as cows we had no problem wearing tinfoil!

This afternoon for our craft the kids and I made me a tinfoil necklace, and at Hannah’s request we made “crowns with feathers” for the kids. Josh got a crown too, but I ran out of feathers so his was plain. I know he was so deeply disappointed by that.
After our dinner we went to Barnes and Noble to get our free specialty drink. Since the cappucino machine was broken, they let us redeem our coupons for hot chocolate instead. Hannah and Jack proceeded to get hot chocolate all over themselves and their cute outfits. Thank goodness for Oxi-Clean.

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