We Demand a Rematch!

Josh was peeved that the Kirby beat our Dyson so handily the other day, so he started to take the Dyson apart to figure out what was ailing it. He didn’t have to look far to find that the entire rolling bar thing where the vacuum meets the floor was wrapped up with a truly gnarly amount of dog hair and whatnot, which also continued up into the suction tube. Because he’s a good man, he painstakingly cut all that junk out of the vacuum and proudly showed me the result. I had to get out the measuring tape for purposes of scale:
So yeah, we’re thinking about donating it to Locks of Love. It could be useful for making a dredlocks wig, or a wig for someone who likes the ever popular rat’s nest hairdo.

Seriously though, it’s amazing how much better the Dyson runs now. I really want a rematch with the Kirby! I’m tempted to call them and challenge them to beat my Dyson now, and while they are at it they could show me how well the Kirby cleans miniblinds and find out if the edible Kirby carpet foam could clean the Crayon out of our playroom carpet. How many times do you think they would agree to come out here and clean my house before they got suspicious?

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