This Week’s Seven Quick Takes

1. I prefer odd numbers to even numbers.
I don’t know why, but I really prefer odd numbers. They seem crisper to me, and more tidy than even numbers. I feel like even numbers kind of slouch around in a squishy and unappealing way. I think of odd numbers as being shades of green and even numbers as being shades of yellow and orange. I’m not sure why.

2. Somebody put the boy attachment to the potty seat on my desk.
I’m not sure which kid did it, or if it was a joint effort, but I have to tell you I’m fairly disturbed that one or both of them associates my personal desk with activities of a potty-time nature. I’ll just have to hope that this is as far as that connection ever goes.

3. I wonder if I should be vacuuming our mattresses?
Ever since the Kirby incident, I have been wondering if regularly vacuuming the mattresses is another one of those home keeping tasks that I was not aware needed doing but which I am remiss for ignoring. I’m trying to remember if Cheryl Mendelson mentioned it in “Home Comforts” but that was a really long book and by the end I was so overwhelmed with my many, many fallings short that I was paralyzed. For example, I still don’t vacuum my ceilings, but at least now I feel guilty for not doing it, and knowing is half the battle right?

4. I am 37 weeks and 1 day pregnant.
Sometime between now and the end of December, I’m having this baby. She dropped on Sunday (confirmed by the doctor’s measurements Wednesday), and the whole effacement/dilation thing is well underway. I’m feeling done, but I know from experience that it’s quite possible to feel even more done than this. I’m interested to see if I will have a breakdown of some sort prior to going into labor this time. A few hours before I went into labor with Hannah I was sobbing over how done I was, and a few hours before I went into labor with Jack I had a weeping breakdown in the doctor’s office. So maybe that’s my signal, or maybe I could just keep it together this time.

5. CVS Loves Ya Baby

Although I didn’t think the CVS Thanksgiving sales were as good as last year, it was still worth spending from 7 am to 7:45 am Thanksgiving day at my local CVS. No one else was there, they had all the good stuff, and even though I started with only $15.99 in extra bucks, I left with $116 worth of merchandise and $37 in extra bucks, having spent only a little over $7 in actual money out of pocket. That would have been less if I had not forgotten one of my coupons. I got some things we needed around the house, such as Drano for our sink, so I feel like the $7 out of pocket was money I would have spent at the grocery store otherwise. It’s not too late, if you haven’t hit CVS yet, the sale goes through Saturday. Money Saving Mom has the play by play, as usual!

6. I don’t actually plan to do any Black Friday shopping.

looking forward to staying home and getting caught up on housework and reading Christmas books to the kids. I’ve never really found great deals on Black Friday, except for CVS. I think the day after Christmas is MUCH better in that respect. Out of curiosity, if you’re hitting Black Friday, where are you going and what are you planning to get?

7. There is a Christmas tree drinking 7-Up in my garage.
We found out that Home Depot has GREAT live (well, cut down) Christmas trees for $14.99 before Thanksgiving so we went and picked out a really nice one on Wednesday night. I had a Home Depot gift card with some money left on it, so our total cost was $4. We also found out that Home Depot will let you take home trimmings from the trees for free any time. I plan to go back early next week to get some more greenery for decking the halls. Upon the suggestion of the super-helpful Home Depot guys, we are feeding the tree 7-Up in the garage until we bring it inside. It’s in the garage to keep it out of the wind, and out of our dry house. I’m hoping to get all the decorating done this weekend, if I can motivate Josh to set the tree up. He rightly believes that getting the tree straight in the tree stand is the most frustrating part of the entire holiday season. Hopefully this year our tree won’t fall over after it’s fully decorated.

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