Take Two Chocolates and Call Me In The Morning

I’m a big fan of looking things up on WebMD rather than calling the doctor. That probably really irritates my doctor. Sometimes WebMD is helpful to set your mind at rest, and sometimes it’s just weird.

Lately my arms are always falling asleep. Sometimes it’s just the pins and needles feeling, other times it’s like my arms are full of sand. It’s not painful, it’s just really odd.

Josh was concerned, so I WebMD’d the situation and the Symptom Tracker helpfully asked, “Have you been bitten by a wild animal?” (Answer: no) followed by the even more pertinent, “Have you sustained a serious and/or debilitating spinal injury?” (Answer: no, unless I simultaneously sustained partial amnesia that erased my memory of the wild animal bite and/or spinal injury, but left the rest of my memory intact. Which probably means no).

I was kind of hoping WebMD would inform me that I was suffering from severe chocolate deficiency, but nooooooo. Why aren’t more ailments solved by chocolate? Are any ailments solved by chocolate? If so, how can I contract those ailments?

In any case, I’m guessing this is just yet another fascinating pregnancy symptom that will go away after Sarah is born sometime between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. Meanwhile, at least my arms are well rested!

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