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I recently found an inspiring post from Betty Beguiles on having a regular date night, and have been enjoying weekly date nights with Josh ever since. It’s easy to get into the pattern of thinking that you see your spouse all the time, so why bother with date nights, but we’ve found that changing things up and doing things a little differently every now and then is fun and something to look forward to in the week without having to spend a lot (or anything) to create the occasion.

With two small children and another due in a month (give or take a few days – I’m hoping for sooner but trying to be prepared for later!) as well as a strict budget, having date night OUT someplace once a week is not particularly feasible. Instead, we’ve set aside a night to put the kids to bed and have a nice dinner together by ourselves for date night IN. I try to dress up and put on perfume and jewelry, and come up with some fun or different things for dinner. Even leftover casserole seems better on the nice china and water is more special out of crystal goblets.

I think the key is just to do something a little out of the ordinary. Maybe it’s eating dinner in front of the fireplace, or using candles and nice background music if you don’t do that every day, dressing up if you like to do that, playing a game or watching a movie or whatever it is that you like to do but don’t generally do every day. The point is not to stress yourself out, it’s to reconnect and put in some extra effort to make date night special.

Do y’all do regular date nights? If you do, what are some of the ideas you have for fun date nights out or in?

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