7 Quick Takes

1. Dreams are not real. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
I dream vivid dreams all the time, but even more so when I’m pregnant. The other night I had a realistic dream about being at a big gathering and overhearing two people say something really mean about me. I woke up and still can’t convince myself it didn’t happen. I mean, I know it didn’t happen, but I keep catching myself feeling sad about it and thinking “wow, I didn’t know they felt that way about me” in a depressed fashion. I wasted a whole day feeling dejected about this dream that didn’t even happen in real life and has no actual basis in reality. I’m still reminding myself to snap out of it already. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

2. Car batteries are charged by having the engine running.
Apparently I am the only person in the civilized world who did not know that you can’t just run your portable car DVD player for over an hour with your headlights on and your engine off. I tried it, and when I turned the key in the ignition, it wouldn’t start. I’m 35 weeks pregnant, it was pouring down rain, and I had a crying child in the car with me, so I was overjoyed when a nice lady stopped to ask what was the matter and then went to get help. Furthermore, I’m exceedingly grateful for the fact that the guy she brought back to help me had jumper cables and knew how to use them. Had it been up to me, I probably would have blown up the car. And now you know: I have absolutely no practical knowledge about cars.

3. Thanksgiving books for kids have a lot of stuff about death in them.
I wasn’t really prepared for how many death references would be in Thanksgiving picture books. Even very simple texts include things like “and half the Pilgrims died that first winter” or “Mama and the baby both died before spring” or “I know an old lady who swallowed a pie…perhaps she’ll die!” Hannah started asking about death, with questions like, “Mama, what will happen to me when I die?” It has presented a lot of opportunities to talk to her about spiritual things, which is neat but also pretty sobering because I want to keep things on her level but not veer off into things that aren’t true. I got some great advice about this from Heather L. and Ginny E. at the last Mom’s Night Out. They suggested just giving simple but true phrases as answers, which is probably a lot more effective than my prior approach of giving very long adult answers!

4. Apparently, Kroger grocery store deals vary wildly from region to region.
Girls in Ohio totally luck out at Kroger. I keep getting all psyched by the deal posts linked on Money Saving Mom, and then I get our ad and realize none of the items I was excited about are on sale in central Indiana. What is up with that?

5. I’m thinking about freezer cooking.
Yes, yes, I understand that you can’t cook in a freezer. I had to write that because my little brother takes things very literally and would have left an anonymous comment if I hadn’t cleared up any potential for misunderstanding. Anyway, Monica has had a great series this week on her recipe blog about how she does freezer cooking parties. The idea is to cook things ahead of time and freeze them in meal sized portions for busy days/nights. Monica’s group brings their own meat so each person can use the kind her family likes or use what she has on hand or got on sale. I was thinking maybe I should have some frozen meals on hand for when the baby gets here. To that end, I froze some soup this week. I might freeze some spaghetti next week. Beyond that, I can’t think of anything to freeze. I’m not good at coming up with the recipes because I’m afraid that things won’t freeze or thaw well. Hm. I do love parties though, so maybe after the holidays I will try to do the party thing if anyone is interested.

6. That reminds me about mixing concrete in college.
I had to have two lab sciences to graduate. I didn’t feel like slugging it out with the pre-med crowd in classes with scary sounding abbreviations like “MolBio” or “Orgo” and whatnot, so I looked for things that seemed interesting but were probably guts. You can tell a class intended for non-majors by nicknames like “Shake and Bake” (an actual class about earthquakes and volcanos that always had a wait list). One lab I wound up with was a class taught by David Billington on how bridges work. Although it wasn’t a pre-med class, it was respectably taken by actual engineering majors, for the record. Anyway, I learned a lot about engineering, and had fun building things in the lab. One week I completely forgot about the fact that we were going to make reinforced concrete in the lab, and I wore a very nice twinset, pearls, and 3 inch heels to class. My TA thought that was the funniest thing he had ever seen, and actually took pictures of me mixing the concrete so he could show his friends how Princeton girls dress to build bridges. Whatever, my concrete turned out GREAT.

7. Speaking of concrete, I have some brown rice flour and I don’t know how to proceed in cooking it.
I googled brown rice flour and didn’t find anything indicating that it needs some special stuff added to it, but it’s gluten free so I feel like maybe it does. The links I read from my google search mentioned that brown rice flour goes rancid quickly. I wonder how I would know if my flour was rancid? Isn’t rancid such a disgusting word? I have the flour in my freezer awaiting use. I’m tempted to just make cookies with it or something, because my children will eat ANYTHING that looks like a cookie. Even really healthy stuff shaped like cookies. My husband calls those experiments “health disks” and may eat them, but will not consider them dessert.

And those are my seven quick takes. Conversion Diary is hosting a 7 Quick Takes Friday, so if you have seven quick takes of your own, go ahead and let your consciousness stream and then link up with her post.

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