7 More Quick Takes

1. There is a piece of property near our house advertised with a big sign that says, “Woods and Ravines!”
Are ravines a big selling point when it comes to parcels of land? I can see wanting to have some woods on your property, but who says to her husband, “Honeeee! Stop the car! That land has RAVINES!” I feel like that’s sort of like saying, “This eight acre plot has deep pits your children can break their legs in, and moreover, it also has lots of drippy caves where bats live!” Don’t vicious wild animals normally live in ravines? Like wolverines? Or are those two words just linked in my mind because they rhyme?

2. I am 36 weeks and 1 day pregnant.
Here I am at 36 weeks pregnant with Sarah:
I have done next to nothing to prepare the house for the new baby. I have the baby clothes washed and put away, and one day last week I did scrub my bathroom floor with a toothbrush. I can’t really think of anything else to do, what am I forgetting?

3. I do not own any maternity formal wear, and more’s the pity.
We have a Christmas cocktail party to attend next month, less than a week before my due date. Last year I wore my green beaded dress to the party and was not overdressed. Two years before that, I wore the same dress to a different party when I was 39 weeks pregnant with Hannah, because it’s very stretchy. This year I’m not really going for that flashy beaded whale look. I don’t have any dressy maternity clothes, and I hate to drop a couple hundred dollars for a dress or top that I might not ever wear again. If I were to get something, I do like this dress and this top. Maybe I could just try to dress up a regular sweater and skirt instead. I hate to be underdressed! Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for me that don’t involve sparkly puff paint or a bedazzler? Have you achieved greatness at a formal occasion while pregnant?

4. There are now frozen meals in my freezer. And I put them there.
Thanks to Monica‘s inspiration, I doubled or tripled all of our dinners this week. I spent $10 over our usual grocery budget, but I’ve come in under budget for the past several weeks, plus by the end of this week I’ll have 12 meals in the freezer for later, so I don’t feel bad. The best recipe we tried was Monica’s Make Ahead Sandwiches. I used a pound of ground turkey and two of the Omaha Steaks hamburgers for the meat, and barbeque sauce instead of ketchup, which was probably wise since ground turkey tastes like nothingness. I also made rolls for it out of the pizza crust/braided bread/totally excellent breadsticks etc recipe instead of buying buns. The family really enjoyed it.

5. Our dog is at the Humane Society today, undergoing surgery.
Let’s just say that when they said she was “spayed” they were wrong. How do we know this? I’ll give you three guesses, and as long as one of your guesses involves a mean and ugly neighbor dog jumping our fence and accosting our dog, you’d be right.

6. Hannah is a very determined little person.
We have quiet time every afternoon while Jack naps. It really helps us all to have a rest and some down time, even if Hannah and I may not sleep the entire time. She knows she can play quietly on her bed with her dolls. Most days she sleeps part of the time at least. Recently though I got tired of her messing with stuff in her room during quiet time. It’s all fun and games until a really pregnant mama has to crawl under the bed every afternoon after naptime to rescue the My Little Ponies and broken M&Ms guy named Frankton that got pitched behind the headboard, or until the rocking chair is used to hurl a nearly three year old into the baby’s crib where she can jump around like House of Pain (three of my readers will now have that song stuck in their heads all day, please accept my deepest apologies but you know you love it). Anyway I wound up moving the toys out of the room and changing some things around to remove the temptation for her. Then yesterday I heard some odd noises coming from her room and when I went to investigate she was standing on top of a dresser pulling down the porcelain Peter Rabbit teaset that is displayed on a shelf above it (out of her reach, I thought). Our next house may need to have a very small room with only a bed in it for toddlers to nap in.

7. People in Indiana don’t dress their little boys up for church the way I do.
A few weeks ago, we found out that some people at our church have been thinking for the past 17 months that Jack was a girl. He’s a boy. All of his smocked outfits are blue or other boy colors and they involve shorts or pants. They are smocked with things like tractors and frogs. He wears boy shoes. Hannah wears dresses and hairbows to church. How is this confusing?

Sorry folks, he’s a boy
Thanks to Conversion Diary for hosting 7 Quick Takes Friday again!

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