Your Input Requested: Cell Phone Plans *Updated*

We hate Vonage like it’s our job. Like it’s a round-the-clock job, at which we are actively seeking a promotion. It’s not that Vonage is expensive (it’s not, which is why we switched to it), it’s just that the majority of our calls get dropped, or we have no service at key times, or we can hear the person we’re talking to, but they can’t hear us.

The frustration must end.

Thus, we are considering making the switch to cell phones only. In order to do that though, I’m going to need a cell phone. And we’re going to need some kind of a family plan with shared minutes or something.

Do any of y’all have good family plans you’d recommend? Right now Josh’s cell phone is with Verizon, and we’re fairly happy with that service, but we’d be open to switching.

Note: Josh’s friend told us our problem may not be so much with Vonage as with Comcast, our cable internet provider. We have cable internet, which is what you usually need to support a VoIP program, but apparently Comcast is notorious for messing with outside VoIP providers. Sadly, there is a cable monopoly for our little area, and the only choice we have is Comcast. We’ll write a scathing letter to Comcast, and another to Vonage to explain why we’re leaving, but we still need reliable phone service so we’re switching to cells only. In answer to some other questions, there is also a landline provider monopoly here, and our only option for basic (no long distance, no caller ID etc) landline phone service costs $45 a month. We’re better off with cell phones at that price. I hope that helps clear things up!

Photo via, which also happens to be an article about how many people are ditching land lines. Or, in our case, ditching Voice-Over-IP.

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