The Week in Books 2008, No. 43

In Feminine Appeal
Carolyn Mahaney (of the Girl Talk blog) writes her insights about the seven aspects of womanhood outlined in Titus 2. The passage is discussed at length in many, many other books, but I found Mrs. Mahaney’s take to be encouraging and refreshing without being rancorous toward people who may take a different view on the passage, but at the same time not being apologetic about what the Scripture says.

I also appreciated the author’s delving into issues that involve who we are as women, not just as wives and mothers. While the book’s subtitle makes clear that a lot of the topics are directed toward the roles of wife and mother, Mrs. Mahaney often addresses comments to women who are not currently in those roles, and a lot of her thoughts are broadly applicable.

The back of the book contains a set of study questions from each chapter that are good for personal reflection, or would also be great for a small group study. I think because this book doesn’t take a hostile tone, it would be great for group discussion even the women in your group are not all in agreement about the specifics of Biblical womanhood.

In a related note, if you don’t generally read Girl Talk, they have been running a helpful series on doing good to your husband lately – you may be interested in checking it out.

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