Turkey in the Straw

What does “turkey in the straw” even mean? According to Wikipedia it’s a folk song that is now most used by ice cream trucks. Now what turkey in the straw has to do with ice cream, I could not venture to guess.

I wasn’t really looking for folk song information, I just needed a title for this post that had to do with turkey, and “Turkey in the Straw” is what first came to mind. What first comes to your mind when you are thinking of catchy titles involving turkey? I’m just curious.

The real reason I’m posting this, if you are still reading after two paragraphs of dilatory (Model UN word alert!) rambling, is to find out if 77 cents a pound is a good price for turkey. I’ve never purchased a turkey, but we’re not going to be going anywhere for the holidays this year, so I was considering buying a turkey and roasting it (or using this huge machine my mother-in-law has that is like a crock pot for turkey), then getting all the meat off and freezing it to use in soups and casseroles and for Thanksgiving Day. Is that a dumb idea? Does cooked turkey meat freeze well? Is 77 cents a pound even a good deal in the first place?

Or should I just plan to buy a rotisserie chicken on Thanksgiving and call it a day?

Photo courtesy of NetState.

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