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Last weekend I volunteered at a big fundraising sale for children’s items in our area, along with some other ladies from my MOPS group. Our task was to sort out all the items that didn’t sell so that their owners (there were over 900 registered sellers – they paid $10 to join, then got to keep 70% of their proceeds and the rest went to the private school that was sponsoring the event) could pick them up. I have an unnatural love of sorting things, so I had a fabulous time dropping things into numbered piles for a few hours. As I did so, I had the opportunity to make a few observations, which may serve you well if you ever decide to sell any baby or kid items.

1) This should go without saying, but it needs to be said, therefore I’m saying it first: for the love of all that is good and right, please, please, PLEASE do not try to sell used underpants. If your kid potty trained in them, no one else wants them. Seriously, there were so many baggies full of little kid skivvies! And they were priced more than you can buy brand new ones on sale at Target. Seriously, people, think before you act.

1b) On a related, but even more revolting note, can I just tell you that no one, and I do mean NO ONE is going to buy your USED jock strap for $2? I saw more than one of those too. GROSS. ME. OUT.

2) Price things reasonably. A lot of the stuff that didn’t sell was in great condition and from high end brands, but it was overpriced. I know you probably spent a ton on the clothes when they were new, especially the really nice brands, but they are not new now, and no one is going to be tempted to buy something used that they could get for the same price or less at a store sale.

3) At least try to get the stains out. OxiClean works. You have a better chance of selling something that isn’t covered in spaghetti and spit-up. I’m just saying.

Speaking of used items, I’m vaguely in the market for a second crib. We plan to put baby Sarah in the pack and play bassinet at first, and maybe by the time she outgrows that Jack will be ready for a big bed, but in case not I’d be open to buying a used but in good condition crib if the price was right. If you hear of anyone looking to get rid of a sturdy white crib, let me know!

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