This Time We Didn’t Unbury Anybody

I realize that it strikes many people as exceedingly strange that Josh’s family buried his grandparents themselves, but because his grandparents lived in Kansas but had a preset grave site in the cemetery in Indiana where Josh’s grandmother’s family has long been interred, it sort of makes sense. Josh’s grandfather died two years ago, and a few weeks ago his grandmother also died. They lived full lives and were great examples of faith, so although we miss them, we are also glad to know that they are in Heaven together now.

The first thing I heard from Josh’s grandmother was that she had been praying for me ever since Josh was born (which was before I was born) – every day of his life she had prayed for the girl who would become his wife, and when she found out we were getting married, she then had a name to put with the prayer. Up to her death she prayed daily by name for all of us, even her great-grandchildren. She was a very gracious and lovely lady even as she lost her husband to Alzheimer’s and lost her sight at the end of her life.

It was a beautiful day today as we met up with Josh’s family to bury his grandmother. As you may recall, two years ago when we buried his grandfather, we accidentally dug someone else up first. We took great care to avoid that this time!

It was so interesting to walk around with the kids looking at the names and dates of many of their ancestors. I took a picture of the kids standing next to the gravestone of their great-great-great grandparents! Their great-great-great-great grandparents were buried next to that, but I couldn’t get them to pose by that one. It’s neat to get a sense of the history of Josh’s grandmother’s family (her maiden name was Harding; President Warren Harding was her cousin). We enjoyed the time of fellowship with Josh’s family and honoring his grandmother, albeit in a rather unusual fashion.

This is where Hannah and Jack’s great-great-great grandparents are buried

Jack takes his turn digging
Hannah takes a turn with the shovel
Josh taking a break

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