Irrational Exuberance

Today I got gas for…wait for it…$2.17 a gallon!!!!! I was so thrilled. When filling up a Civic, that’s a whopping $14 savings over what I paid last week.

Of course, it’s sort of silly to be so excited over cheap(er) gas, considering that our net worth plummeted a staggering amount over the past three weeks since we got our quarterly IRA statement. Josh and I both had federal government retirement savings from former jobs, which we rolled into IRAs after leaving those jobs, and when I called the company we use for our IRAs to update some information a few days ago they gave me that cheerful news. Good thing we don’t plan to retire until we’re about 93. I’m not that worried about it – investing for retirement is a gamble, that’s why it’s called investing, and we do have a LONG time for the market to rebound before we need the money. I just found it amusing that I took losing gobs of money in stride, but then hopped up and down over getting $14 worth of gas. Maybe that’s one of those things that is a lot funnier in my head than written down.

In other news, today I taught Hannah how to scan barcodes at grocery store self-checkout, and she rang up our entire order. We were the only ones there, so no one else was inconvenienced, and once I explained to her that all she had to do was “show the stripes to the machine until it beeps” she was very quick. I had her stand in the cart pushed right up to the scanner so it was at a perfect level. The cashier overseeer of the self-checkout lanes came over to see what we were doing and was very impressed with Hannah and lavished praise on her, which Hannah ate up with spoon, of course. She really is getting to be a big helper!

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