Early Mornings, Anemia, and Other Joys of Life

I have now officially gotten up early for a week. They say it takes 21 days for a behavior to become a habit, so I am one third of the way there. I haven’t made the 5 AM Club every morning, but the 5:30 AM Club seems to work too, as does the accidental 4:00 AM Club (due to the fact of being awake anyway, I figured I might as well exercise!). I’ve enjoyed the quiet of the house before the kids wake up, have had good times of Bible reading and prayer, and have done aerobics every day. Some mornings I even did housework! Gasp!

At my 28 week appointment I found out that I’m anemic again. It seems I’m always anemic. That, plus the fact that the third trimester is particularly crucial for the baby’s brain development, has strengthened my resolve to get at least 100 grams of protein a day. I use SparkPeople.com to keep track of what I eat because it does all the calorie and nutrient counting for me. I’ve used it off and on for weight loss, but now I’m using it to keep track of my protein, water intake, and exercise (in addition to the aerobics I’m still taking a 45 minute walk every day pushing the double stroller. I realized that with both kids in it, pushing the double is over 100 pounds! That’s got to be worth something!). I like being able to see at a glance where I am in my daily protein tally, so if I’m hungry I can choose a food that will get me closer to the goal, rather than just eating empty carbs. SparkPeople is really fast and easy to use, I’d recommend it if you’re looking for a tool like that.

I’ve found that the magic food for upping protein consumption is lowfat cottage cheese. That stuff is AMAZING. The 1% variety has only 163 calories per cup, but 28 grams of protein! It’s also fairly filling and makes a good breakfast, lunch, or snack food. Eggs are another good source, if you’re not one to go around eating huge slabs of meat all day.

Let’s see, my post title also promised you “other joys of life” so I will throw in a funny anecdote about Hannah. The other night at dinner Hannah said that her imaginary friend Very Tiny Baby is lost. I asked her where VTB might be, and she said she thought that Very Tiny Baby was probably living in Daddy’s tummy, since Sarah was taking up all the space in my tummy, and Very Tiny Baby needs her space.

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