Do I Love This Twinset, Or What???

Since several people have asked, here I am at 32 and a half weeks pregnant (here, for purposes of comparison, is the profile from 28 weeks pregnant in the second picture of the link – I feel like I haven’t grown all that much in the past month). I realized as I was posting this that MOST of my pregnancy profile shots feature this twinset. It’s really one of the best things I bought during my first pregnancy. I got it on sale at Mimi Maternity for under $20 (for both pieces together) and it just always looks nice. You can also view me wearing it at 31.5 weeks pregnant with Jack, and at 40 weeks pregnant with Hannah. Please excuse the dreadful hair styles in the latter link!

While wearing the outfit above, at 32 and a half weeks pregnant, I had the following real live exchange with a cashier.

Cashier: Are you pregnant?
Me: (not quite believing someone had to ask about this blinding flash of the obvious) Why yes, I am.

Cashier: When are you due?
Me: December.
Cashier: REALLY??? But you’re so HUGE already!
Me: (laughing uncomfortably, wondering why people are so rude to pregnant women) Thanks.

Cashier: Is this your first baby?
Me: No, it’s my third.
Cashier: But you’re so YOUNG!
Me: (doing everything I can not to say something snarky like, “Yeah, I’ll be 17 next week”) Thanks.

Cashier: You know, babies are cute, but just wait until they are teenagers and hate you.
Me: Well I’m hoping that’s not how it turns out.

I know every woman who has ever been pregnant has similar anecdotes, but it never ceases to amaze me how common courtesy just flies out the window whenever anyone sees a baby belly.
After we took my profile shot, Hannah said, “Now take a picture of MY belly!” So we did.

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