When Even Less is Even More

Remember about a month ago when I said I rearrange my house every few weeks? Well I made it FOUR weeks this time! Be amazed.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been really sick and the rest of the family has been sick too, but on Saturday I got to that “I can’t take this anymore!” stage again with the playroom. Although Hannah is pretty good at helping to clean up, both of us were getting overwhelmed to look at the playroom floor when every single puzzle piece, block, Little People animal, wooden train set piece, Mega Block, and counting bear was layered on the carpet. Far too often I wound up doing most of the picking up, because it takes Hannah a while to get a task accomplished, and the sheer volume of mess meant I had to do most of it.

No more. I moved all the toys with pieces into the closet, leaving only the books, the big trucks and balls, and the magna doodles out on the bookshelf. When the kids want to do a puzzle, we pick ONE puzzle and play with it, then put it away before getting something else. If they want to build a town out of the wooden train set, we get it out and play with it, then clean it up before something else comes out. At first I was afraid that they would feel bereft of their toys, but on the contrary, they seem to enjoy playing with things more when there is only one set to focus on at once.
I can’t tell you how much simpler this makes clean up time! The kids are much more cheerful about it, and I am too, because we don’t get overwhelmed and it’s done quickly.

We’ll see how long it lasts this time!

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