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I finally got around to updating my blogroll on the left sidebar, and wanted to highlight a few of my new finds, in case you might also find them interesting.

  • Conversion Diary is an eloquently written blog by a thoughtful woman converted to Christianity from atheism. I found this blog through a link on Amy’s Humble Musings (another great blog, if you don’t already read it) and was very encouraged by the posts I read. Although she comes from a different doctrinal background than I do, I think it can be valuable to get a different perspective on issues of faith and life sometimes, to challenge our notions and sharpen our thinking.
  • Our Crafts-N-Things: At Mom’s Night Out this month Amy mentioned wanting to do more crafts with her daughter this fall, and I have to admit I hadn’t really even thought much about preschool crafts prior to her mentioning it. I’m just not a particularly crafty person when it comes to preschool art. Then I found Our Crafts-N-Things and was wowed by the fun art projects this mom puts together for her little girl. This is the kind of stuff that never crosses my mind, but would be really fun to do with the kids. Hopefully I’ll be inspired to do more of this sort of thing!
  • Amoretti is a blog by the girl who came up with the Skirty – which I think is a fabulous concept although we don’t own one yet. In addition to news about Skirties, Amoretti also boasts the Fortnightly Purse (as in “prize” not “fabulous handbag”). This fortnight’s purse, for example, includes a box of Maldon Salt from England, a darling antique silver urn also from that Sceptered Isle, that Jewel of the North Atlantic…(please tell me at least one reader other than my brother recognized that reference!), and a skirty. But wait, there’s more! Amoretti also has posts on the do’s and don’ts of little girl fashion and lots of inspiration in that regard.

The featured picture at the top of this post, which really has nothing to do with this post other than I like the picture and like the blogs I linked, is Claude Monet’s “The Poppy Field Near Argenteuil.”

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