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The other day my mom told me that a friend of my aunt’s (…sister’s dog’s uncle’s babysitter’s boyfriend…no, just kidding, but sometimes when you write something like “mom’s sister’s friend” do you wonder if it’s necessary plot exposition or just complicating matters?) had read my blog and was discouraged because I was supermom or something.

I laughed in disbelief, because, seriously, I’m so not supermom. Not even close.

I find myself tempted to think that about other people too though. I think the natural tendency is to read about someone (or see them around if you’re friends in real life) and assume that not only does this person do everything I do, but also she does all these other really amazing things. I have to remind myself often that every family and person has different gifts and callings, different resources, different priorities, and is in a different phase of life. There may be a real supermom out there, but I doubt it.

Rest assured, I am not doing everything y’all are doing. I do not design and sew wedding dresses, make and sell amazing crafty things, cook gourmet meals for my family on a regular basis, hold down a demanding job out of the home in addition to taking care of my family, really homeschool older kids, or whatever else it is that you do excellently with your time.

Often people ask me how I have time to read as much as I do. I think they assume I do everything they do, plus reading. Probably not. I read because it’s how I relax and unwind and de-stress. Moreover, my kids still nap and go to bed early. And I’ve never vacuumed my ceilings, ever.

I’ve had conversations with people about how the blog world can be unnaturally positive, because people rarely blog about their struggles and failures and shortcomings. I’m guilty of that certainly, but not out of malice or attempt to deceive you. My blog helps me stay positive, and reminds me to focus on the few things I do get accomplished on days I go to bed with 417 things still left on my to do list, reminds me of the sweet and funny things my kids do on days they are also crying a lot and hitting each other, drawing on the carpet, flushing pacifiers down the toilet, and so forth.

To paraphrase the hilarious tag line from the trailer for one of those Texas football high school movies, the name of which I can’t now recall, but it starred that guy from Dawson’s Creek (mother’s hairdresser’s veterinarian’s nanny’s…see there I go again!):


But I hope that you’re at least entertained or inspired or encouraged or something at some point along the way. Even if I’m not supermom.

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