Who’s In Charge Here?

Crystal linked to an interview between Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Anne Ortlund that I found insightful. I particularly like this quote from Anne Ortlund:

“I think many times women are so frustrated and upset and stressed because they feel they’re not in control. Well, whoever said they should be in control? They need to surrender to the Lord and let Him be in control…I think the sovereignty of God is the most comforting doctrine that I know. If we will deliberately relax and yield and say, “Lord, not my will but thine be done,” for the first time the burden will be off of us.”

Sometimes when I feel out of control it’s because I’m overwhelmed by disorganization or tasks piling up that I just need to manage more efficiently, but most of the time it’s because I’m trying to control matters that are really outside of my realm of responsibility. The fact is, I’m not God (collective sigh of relief now goes up from all readers!). I don’t have to do His job. I just have to do the job He’s given me and let Him be in control of the rest. The freeing thing about God’s sovereignty is not that it frees us from all responsibility (it doesn’t), but that it frees us from having to worry and fret and get worked up over things we really can’t control. There is great peace and rest in that doctrine, although it can be challenging for me to remember it when circumstances are difficult – in other words, the times when I most need to rest in God.

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